Soothsaying NFL Camel To Boycott Vick, Eagles

I’ve lived pretty much my entire adult life never expecting to write that headline, but there you have it. This is Princess the Soothsaying Camel, who famously predicted the Giants beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Bow down to the camel, damnit! Good. Let’s continue.

Princess the camel and John Bergmann

Princess, who lives at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township, N.J., had a 17-4 record last season picking Jets, Giants and Eagles games, plus the playoffs and Super Bowl (what was your record again?). But due to Michael Vick being reinstated in the NFL, there’s one game that Princess won’t be calling this weekend. Camel boycott!

In a bold move for a zoo dromedary, Princess the Camel is refusing to call any game involving Vick. The ASBURY PARK PRESS has details.

“The Eagles decision to make Michael Vick a part of their team, in spite of his cruel and criminal actions is something we cannot overlook,” said John Bergmann, Popcorn Park’s General Manager. “For six years, Michael Vick tortured, drowned and killed dogs as part of a horrid blood sport, in the name of money. We are an organization and facility dedicated to protecting and saving abused and neglected animals. We cannot turn a blind eye to what he did.”

This week, Princess picked the Houston Texans to beat the Jets.


(Does this camel look like it’s in the mood for your bull****? Just move along, Wally)

Princess makes her NFL picks using the graham cracker method, just like me. The zoo’s manager places a graham cracker in each hand, and writes the name of a competing team on each hand. Whichever hand Princess nibbles from is her pick.