Sons Of Montana & Gretzky Battle For HS QB Job

Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, California is loaded at the quarterback position. Not only are there six signal callers on the roster, two of them are from great athletic bloodlines.

Nicolas Montana

(Nicholas Montana - is that his number or his area code?)

Trevor Gretzky, son of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, has ditched his dad’s skates for the gridiron. Nicholas Montana is following in his father Joe’s footsteps. Both teens are fighting for the second string quarterback job, and Oaks Christian head football coach Bill Redell says there will be no favorite playing.

“The admission office called and asked, Do you know a Joe Montana? I said, Yeah I’ve heard of the guy,’ ” Redell said. “They told me his son had applied here. I said, Gosh, that’s a surprise.’ They took a tour of the school two years ago, but that was the last time I had seen them until yesterday.”

“We told (Montana) he had to come in and compete,” Redell said. “We play the best guy. That is the way it has always been here at every position.”

If Trevor or Nicholas become the starting QB their main target will be wide receiver Trey Smith, the son of movie star Will Smith. Coach Redell says more players with prestigious lineage could be added to his roster.

“Well, Michael Jordan said his son’s coming and Babe Ruth’s great, great grandson is supposed to enroll,” Redell said. “I’m only kidding.”

He almost had me, but Redell should forget about the jokes and start focusing on the future problems for his program. The lack of available playing time for the quarterbacks will become an issue.