Sonics Owner Argues With Fan, Has Him Removed

Clay Bennett will not suffer your insolence. The SEATTLE TIMES reports how a Sonics fan may have been tossed out of the arena on orders from the team’s owner.

Sonics owner Clay Bennett Halloween mask

(Clay Bennett Halloween mask courtesy of SUPERSONIC SOUL)

Sam Kidder says he learned through the Internet that Bennett would be attending Sunday night’s game at the KeyArena, so the 23-year-old bought a couple of seats below the owner’s box.

During the game, Kidder let Bennett know about his feelings on moving the club to Oklahoma City: “I looked up at him and said, ‘Hey Clay, what’s up?’ He gave me this snide look and I called him a thief and … he blew me a kiss. That just set me off.”

After exchanging unpleasantries, Kidder was met by a couple of off-duty cops, who warned him to “show more respect” to the owner. But when Kidder shouted “Clay Bennett sucks!” during a free throw, he was immediately escorted from the building.

Seattle Sonics tombstone

A Bennett spokesman denies Kidder was removed on the owner’s orders, even though the fan was “ejected approximately 30 seconds after Bennett walked to the back of the suite.

Kidder admits to having “a few beers” at the game, but believes he didn’t break any fan conduct rules, arguing that he never used swear words. He further details his fantastic evening over on the SONICS CENTRAL message board.

And Kidder says he’s not sorry for berating Bennett: “It’s rare that you get a chance to express your emotions in person to the person who is threatening to rip the team away from you. I don’t regret it at all.”

Ivan Cash Hate Isiah Thomas shirt

To really get Bennett’s goat - and make a nice profit - Kidder might consider selling anti-Clay t-shirts.