Son of Packers OC Gets 6 Months For Sex Crimes

A sex scandal involving underage teens and the Green Bay Packers? Before you start jumping to conclusions, this story doesn’t involve Mark Chmura - the patron saint of Wisconsin-based underage sex - but it’s just about as bad. Michael Philbin, 18, is the son of Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, and he pleaded no contest to having “non-consensual sex” with two girls who had been drinking heavily at a party he threw at his parent’s house while he was out of town.

Joe Philbin Packers offensive coordinator

It sounds like the dark side of a John Hughes movie, but it gets worse, as the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL notes. His punishment for the crimes? Six months in jail, which will be served concurrently and means that with good behavior he could be out in as little as four months. Glad to see that justice truly has been served after someone takes advantage of a drunk woman at a party against her will.

So Philbin is now throwing his hat into the ring with Andy Reid’s boys as a dark horse contender for the title of Worst Son of an NFL Coach, and he’ll be out to attend the awards ceremony later this year at the Waldorf Astoria. Even if presiding judge Sue Bischel doesn’t think he’s all that bad of a kid after all:

Bischel said from the pre-sentencing reports she was given, Philbin was a good person who came from a good family, but one who “did a horrible thing.”

I did a lot of things that could be considered “horrible” when I was 18: I drank too much and drove and urinated in public probably on a weekly basis (it was a long walk back from the campus bar to my dorm). But having sex with chicks who were way too drunk to know the difference? That pretty much disqualifies you from being a “good person” in my book.

And oh yeah: despite the family of the victims begging otherwise, Judge Bischel refused to have Philbin listed as a sex offender - in fact, he could have his record expunged if he completes all the terms of his probation. Which seems fair: after all, he’s going to do a whole 4 to 6 months in jail!

P.S. Judge Bischel - your season tickets should arrive in the mail in 4-6 weeks.