Sometimes the Justice System Works to Perfection

You have to hand it to our legal system. Yeah, I know, there are times when you wonder if the lawyers in this country haven’t completed perverted our system of justice. But I think it’s safe to say that the good folks in Mobile, Alabammy, got it right this week.

Kenny Stabler Oakland Raiders Arrested

(Thank goodness Stabler saw that Florida state line in time!)

Former Bama and Raiders QB Kenny Stabler walked on a DUI charge yesterday, despite the fact that he refused a breath test and according to the presiding officer, “could not follow instructions needed to take a field sobriety test.”

Now, just because Stabler has been arrested for DUI now four times - and refused to take the breath test on this occasion - doesn’t make him guilty? K?

After this latest DUI charge in June, Stabler “stepped down” as Alabama football radio color commentator. Does this mean he’ll now get his job back? FYI: Bama Coach Nick Saban has been a staunch supporter of Stabler throughout the former QB’s latest alcohol-related ordeal.

With the current success of the Tide, safe to assume that what Saban wants, Saban gets. So you should soon see Stabler with a 12-pack of Busch Light stashed in the booth again.