Some Tips To Keep The Red Ink Off Your Bracket

Each person has his or own system for checking off correct predictions or incorrect predictions on one’s NCAA bracket. One aesthetic choice would involve highlighting the games one gets right in blue, and crossing off the mispicks with red pen.

NCAA Tournament Bracket Handwritten

Hopefully, everyone can use these tips and have a little more blue on their brackets this year.

These tips, provided by PREGAME.COM, deal more with the statistics of previous tournament outcomes based on seed, which is great if you don’t enjoy studying 65 teams like you’re cramming for a chemistry final:

1st round rules: Be very selective picking any team below a #12 seed. #16 seeds are 0 for 92. #15 seeds are 4 for 92. #13 and #14 seeds win less than 18% combined.

The best matchups for upsets are 12-vs.-5 and 9-vs.-8.

Keep advancing the #12 and #10 seeds you picked to win in Round One. They win almost half the time in Round Two (14 of 29 for #12 seeds; 17 of 35 for #10 seeds).

Seeds lower than #12 DONT win in the 2nd round. Only 6 of 368 teams that have advanced past Round 2 were seeded lower than #12 (less than 2%).

Eighty-seven percent of No. 1s are good for the Sweet 16, and 70% of 1-seeds make the Elite Eight.

Amazingly, exactly one or two #1 seeds have made the Final Four 19 of the last 23 years. Advance no team lower than a #8 seed to the Final Four. Only 2 of 92 Final Four teams have been seeded lower than #8.

Finally, no 6-seeds or lower in the championship game and no teams below a 4-seed for the title.

Now if I could only find some tips for getting drunk on Thursday afternoon…