Some Doubt About Stafon Johnson ‘Full Recovery’

All of us want Stafon Johnson to fully recover from his tragic weightlifting accident suffered on Monday morning. 99 percent of the media coverage of his ordeal has trumpeted that he’ll eventually make a complete recovery and be back playing football at USC soon enough.

Stafon Johnson Injured In Weightlifting Accident

But there is a tiny minority that isn’t so sure about Johnson’s total recovery and return to football. That minority includes Jim Wyzard, a doctor (per AOL’s Brian Grummell) who runs’s USC blog.

In a Tuesday post, Wyzard notes that “after talking to a few MD’s I work with here in NYC“, he doesn’t “hold out much hope” that Johnson will ever play football again.

Excerpt from Wyzard’s post on Johnson’s recovery prognosis:

Remember this was major surgery. The next few weeks are going to be critical just to get past the complication stage then he will have months of rehab to learn how to breath and swallow in as normal fashion as possible.

I would be ecstatic if Stafon got on the field again…

But after talking to a few MD’s I work with here in NYC, I just don’t hold out much hope due to the nature of the injury, the apparent extensive reconstruction and the nature of Stafon’s position as a running back. He takes a lot of pounding as it is.

Football is the least of Stafon’s worries.

Also interesting is this line from an AFP report posted a couple hours ago on Yahoo Sports: “Carroll said that doctors told him that Johnson would be able to play football again, although, probably not for the Trojans.

That’s the first I’ve read of anything from the main media that indicated Johnson would not play at USC again. Of course, that may have only been in reference to Johnson’s eligibility situation at USC, and it appears he will probably get another year from the NCAA as a medical hardship - if he wants one.

Having covered these sorts of very, very touchy situations in the main media for 16 years, I know you aren’t going to get many media members seeking out medical opinions that contradict what hospital spokesmen and beloved, high-profile coaches are portraying.

We’re all rooting for Johnson to make as full a recovery as possible, but that doesn’t mean an objective media should completely ignore reality. But to be fair, this may be one of those extraordinary cases where no one, including the presiding surgeons, really has a clue how Johnson’s recovery will end up.

One thing we can all agree on though is that we’re all hoping for Johnson’s complete, speedy recovery and eventual return to football.