Some Athletes’ Genes Built to Beat Doping Test

The NEW YORK TIMES takes note of a study completed in Sweden that puts the lie to Dick Pound yet again: large swaths of people in the world have a genetic disposition that allows them to beat the urine test for testosterone. So much for declaring the sanctity of doping testing and the self-assuredness of the performance enhancing police, eh?

Beijing Olympics mascots

There’s a darker side to the results of the study, which found that some people do not have copies of a gene that converts injected testosterone into a detectable trail in urine. Among that group of people rests two-thirds of the world’s Asian population. The Chinese government has been building an Olympic program geared for victory since they won the Games.

China finds themselves in a bind as it is. If their program fails, it’s a perceived weakness of the Party. The Party does not like to be perceived as weak. If the program succeeds, it’s East Germany 2.0. Even though this study has not been backed by subsequent studies by other organizations, the headline will do enough. Of course they cheated; they’re totally built to get away with it.

If you hear that sentiment during the Games, feel free to punch the speaker directly in the groin. If they object, tell them you’re merely stemming the tide of testosterone. So what if the facts don’t back you on that statement? You took a stand, which is all that matters.

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