Solo Named to US Olympic Team; Scurry Scuttled

We cannot let this slip by into the blogging net behind us: Hope Solo has vanquished Brianna Scurry, taking her spot on the U.S. Olympic Women’s Soccer team. All involved will only say that there are two goaltenders headed to the games not named Scurry and that Scurry accepted the rejection “professionally”.

Hope Solo

New coach Pia Sundhage had little choice; Solo is the better ‘keeper, but holding Scurry on would have left a looming presence over Solo on every save attempt. However, Solo will now have to deal with being the unintentional Scurry-killer. Consider that her teammates wouldn’t even let her eat with them after her critical comments about Scurry in 2007.

We must add these bon mots from a May NEW YORK TIMES piece about the treatment of Hope Solo after her unfortunate comments last fall:

  • She had to travel home from Norway separately from the team.
  • Her former best friend on the team allegedly won’t speak to her anymore because she thought Solo was using the death of her homeless father as a sympathy card.
  • Solo lost 10 pounds after the tournament and nearly quit soccer (leaving Team USA with exactly zero world class keepers).
  • Her teammates still think shunning Solo was the absolute right thing to do.
  • Her teammates are still deciding if they wish to forgive Solo and let her back into their good graces, 10 months after the fact.

Frankly, we would like to believe personal animosities will be set aside for team (and, in turn, personal) glory for the Olympics, but we’ll be watching Team USA’s central defense closely for any suspicious curveballs. (”I’ve never seen four ankle sprains on the same run of play in my life, Tommy Smyth!” “Oooooooooonion baaaaaag.”)