Soldier Field Fans Can Pre-Pay For Parking Online

The Internet is a wondrous thing, even excluding the porn factor. And the Chicago Bears are finally taking advantage of the World Wide Web by letting football fans pre-pay for parking online.

Chicago Bears truck

Standard Parking, the company responsible for car spaces around Soldier Field, is introducing a new website called “Click and Park“, where fans can scoop up selected spots & have their parking space all set even before they head down Lake Shore Drive.

Season spaces are already on sale for the upcoming Bears’ home schedule. But the lots aren’t just for Sundays in the fall - spots can be reserved for other stadium events, such as the Nike Human Race (and, we assume, for the Nike Animal Race, which we personally would find more entertaining).

Selling parking spaces online? What’s next - selling game tickets, too? Accompanied by ridiculous surcharges, even?