Sexy Softballer Wants to Be the Next Erin Andrews

Taryne Mowatt has a lot going for her. The star softball hurler for the Arizona Wildcats knocks out fans with her beauty, while she knocks out batters with her pitching prowess.

Taryne Mowatt ESPY award

(Is that an ESPY Award in your hands, or are we just glad to see you?)

But looks & athletic skill are not enough for Taryne. She wants more.

She wants fame. She wants TV work. She wants Erin Andrews’ job.

Taryne Mowatt Erin Andrews

(Watch out, Erin - Taryne’s gunnin’ for ya!)

Mike Baldwin of THE OKLAHOMAN chatted up with the magnificent Mowatt as Taryne’s team was in town for the Women’s College World Series. During the interview, Taryne revealed her grand goal after graduation - to be the Worldwide Leader’s next sideline superstar:

Q: When you softball career ends, what are you plans?

A: I’ve always loved being in front of the camera. I want to be a television sideline reporter for someone like ESPN.

Q:Is that your major?

A:Yes. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

Q:You graduated this semester?

A: Not yet. I still have another semester, but that’s OK. I’m ready to go to work if someone wants to give me a job.

But Taryne won’t be satisfied with just any employment opportunity:

Q: So you want to take John Kruk’s job?

A: No. I want to do the Erin Andrews’ deal. I’ve been pitching the idea that there should be an Erin and Taryne duo. I would give anything to meet Erin Andrews. I want to do her job.

Erin Andrews Taryne Mowatt headshots

Can you imagine - both ravishing reporters at the same sporting event? College campuses would erupt in riots! Television sets would met across the country! Nielsen boxes would explode in excitement! People might not mind listening to Lee Corso that much anymore!

Taryne might face some fierce competition from other Erin heirs like Allie LaForce or Samantha Steele, but we bet the boys in Bristol could squeeze in a spot for Mowatt. If not, we hear there’s a job opening in Boston.

Either way, we wish Taryne the best of luck, and hope that someday she’ll reach the pinnacle of her proposed profession - getting interviewed by “Blog Show“.