Softball Coach Guilty Of Student Sex Shenanigans

If it’s Wednesday, that means it’s time for another teacher to get caught making sexytime with a student. This week’s winner is 27-year-old former Indiana high school softball coach Brooke Biggs, who pled guilty today to charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, in this case a 16-year-old female student.

Brooke Biggs

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Biggs was already awaiting charges of child seduction regarding the 16-year-old in question, but was nabbed again late last year after she violated a judge’s order to stay away from her illicit underage lover. As it turns out, Biggs wasn’t the only teacher getting busy at her school.

Brooke Biggs 2002
(Biggs’ 2002 college softball team photo)

In addition to serving as a softball coach at Penn High in Mishawaka, Indiana, Biggs was a PE teacher at Grissom Middle School. In 2007 a teacher’s aide at Grissom, 36-year-old Theresa Getz, was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old male student out in back of a 4-H barn. The boy also claimed that Getz gave him an sexually-transmitted disease. Double whammy!

As easy as it is to make jokes about teacher/student relations, a look at the past year alone reveals a massive problem; heck, this is the fifth story just in the last month. Remember, these are only the sports-related teacher-student stories. Dozens more with no sports connection occurred as well. When will school administrators take action to protect their students? Just because the teachers in question are women doesn’t mean they do any less harm to their prey.