Softball Catfight Brings WWE To Furman Fields

Softball’s a civil sport, right? With well tempered fans? Evidently not in the Carolinas, where the parents of players still haven’t figured out to get along.

furman softball brawl

As first reported this morning in BUSTED COVERAGE, the closed circuit cameras from last weekend’s game between Western Carolina and Furman got a gem of a brawl behind home plate between a woman named Cindy Beattythe mother of Western Carolina third baseman Stephanie Beatty — and some unidentified victims from the Furman Palladin faithful. We call the second protagonist “victim” because Beatty is so big, she’d be seen as preying on anything smaller than Jabba the Hut. Check out the video for yourself after the jump, and it’s pretty clear who the victims (the fairly attractive college-aged Furman fans) and the aggressor (the elder Beatty) were.

It’s hard to tell who the other people involved in the clip are. Furman coaches? Maybe. Field security officials? It doesn’t really look like. Talent scouts for a backwoods wrestling league? Possibly.

No matter who they are, there can only be three ways to look at this fight.

  1. It’s horrible because any fighting on the field between non-players is indefensible
  2. It’s unfortunate, because the two Furman fans were wearing tank tops and Beatty went right in swinging haymakers rather than grasping for clothing and hair, a la traditional cat fights
  3. It’s a true gift, because it’s just exposed a potential future wrestler. After all, there’s no way that Cindy Beatty is truly some moderately attractive college third baseman’s mom. She’s a man baby, yeah!

No matter which way you lean, it has to be the most interesting catch on a closed circuit campus television network in ages. After all, those things are usually trained on some team of self-righteous kids who, in a studio which transmits to approximately 45 people, feel like they can change the world by advocating a complete governmental switch to some kind of a neo-communistic commune. Here’s a hint to the buddy Deepak Chopras and Anwar Sadats out there: You’re not getting world peace by broadcasting on Furman TV! Not happening! So give it up!

That way we’ll have more tube time for irrelevant sports like softball between overlooked schools you never think about. After all, that’s where all the good fights happen. Regardless of quality, they’re always entertaining.