Soccer GM Claims No Gays In Italian Pro League

Gianni Wilson of reports this week that a former longtime general manager of the storied Italian Juventus franchise, Luciano Moggi, said of gays playing professional soccer: “I know the football world and its insides. You cannot live within it as a gay. A homosexual cannot be a footballer.

No Gays In Italian Soccer Says Luciano Moggi

(Banned Italian soccer GM Luciano Moggi’s next stop: Tehran?)

Moggi, who is currently serving a five-year ban for his involvement in match-fixing, somehow found a way to top that comment with another remark that sounds like it came straight from the bowls of a Meccan Mosque.

In calcio there are no homosexuals, neither between players nor among directors. It’s not racism, its fact. Football has a particular environment; you get naked in the dressing room. I have no gay friends. I go out with other people.”

“Calcio” is another term for the top Italian pro soccer league, Serie A.

So Moggio has no gay friends and claims there’s no gays playing Italian pro soccer? Between this guy, Tim Hardaway and Ahmadinejad, we think we have your ribbon-cutters for the grand opening of the Tehran Hooters.