Blog-A-Roni: Soccer Streaker To Strip For Playboy

David Warner of AOL FANHOUSE uncovers news that Tiffany May, the semi-clothed streaker at a recent U.S. Olympic qualifying match, will now be shedding her clothes for Playboy.

Tiffany May soccer streaker

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY (via THE DARTMOUTH) keeps both feet on the ground, as a future Big Green QB was almost killed by kitesurfing. But we suppose it could have been worse.

• KARE-TV reports that the ex-Vikings law-breaking trifecta is now complete. First Carl Eller, then Darrion Scott - now Onterrio Smith joins the jailbirds by getting cuffed for a DUI.

• THE ANGRY T finds some fashionable fillies breaking out the big hats at the Kentucky Derby.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED catches Ozzie Guillen wondering if Lee Elia can make money off of a 25-year-old tirade, why can’t he find fortune from his own foul-mouthed behavior.

• Ed Valentine of BUGS & CRANKS is the latest to weigh in on the sports blogs brouhaha brought about by Buzz Bissinger.

• CHICAGO BULL floats along a sea shanty of Cedric Benson, to the tune of “Gilligan’s Island“.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC is down to the Elite Eight in their Dirtiest Name In Sports bracket.