Soccer Star Wayne Rooney Blows $450K On Xmas

The global economic downturn is supposed to curtail spending across the globe, but someone must have forgotten to send that memo to Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney.

coleen rooney

(Coleen Rooney: One Bentley and gold necklace are never enough.)

According to the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD, Rooney and his wife, Coleen, dropped 300,000 GBP (pounds) on Christmas gifts for each other. Making the purchases even more stratifying are that Rooney and his wife bought luxury watches for each other from the same high-end jeweler, the Chesire-based store Cottrills.

“They wanted to surprise each other but ended up secretly going to the same shop,” a Rooney friend said. “It wasn’t until Christmas morning they realised what had happened. They loved their presents. … They wanted to buy each other a special gift and thought it was symbolic they had the same idea for their first Christmas as a married couple.”

If that doesn’t make you nauseous for both for its sugary rhetoric and its price tag — Wayne Rooney’s Panerai watch sold for 80,000 GBP while Coleen’s diamond-encrusted Rolex went for 70,000 GBP — this will get you for sure: Coleen’s other present was a second Bentley … identical to her first, just in the newest year’s model and a different color.

Of course, Coleen Rooney also scored a white gold necklace that set Wayne back an untold pretty penny, pushing the total of their gifts well above the 300,000 GBP threshold.

coleen rooney 2

(Admit it: You’d buy her two Bentleys, too.)

Yet that’s not the only Manchester United splurging that went down in the aftermath of the club’s recent victory in the World Club Cup championship in Japan. Three different United stars all bought brand new Bentleys — Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and goalie Edwin van der Sar — each laying down 200,000 GBP for the new Bentley Speed. That’s 750,000 GBP of business that a single Bentley dealership did within the United locker room alone.

If you weren’t already getting the picture, here’s the money quote from what NEWS OF THE WORLD calls “an Old Trafford source”:

“The credit crunch doesn’t mean anything to these guys. If there is a new supercar out there they just have to have it.”

Yes, we’d say that’s a fair assessment. Now, if only GM could trade its Chevy ownership for a stake in Bentley …