Soccer Star Tiago Locks Team President In Toilet

He’s a moody one isn’t he! Juventus star Tiago Mendes loves his team but hates his boss. Seeking to stay with the Italian Serie A power, Tiago has refused several transfers to other clubs. Notably, the club had considered moving him to Everton and Monaco, who will not be participants in the Champions League with all those endless Heineken commercials during the break.

However, Tiago’s temper finally boiled over at the team’s training complex, where he managed to imprison team President Giovanni Cobolli - in the potty.

From the UK’s CHANNEL 4:

“It’s a shame it got out, as this was something I told a friend in confidence. In any case, Allessandro Del Piero responded to the noise of me punching the door and offered to break it down.

“I told him it was better if someone else did it, as he needed to keep his shoulders in good shape for the Fiorentina game”

Well that’s considerate. Cobolli was reportedly sealed in the bathroom for more than an hour before someone someone realized his predicament. With that, Tiago earns our Shawn Chacon award for the month’s most egregious overreaction and eventual assault of team management.

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