Soccer Star Still Scores After Strip Foosball Shoot

One Manchester United player recently posed for a sexy photo shoot, featuring a game of strip foosball against a stunning opponent. But even after the match had finished, the Man U striker didn’t stop scoring.

Strip Foosball

NEWS OF THE WORLD passes along news & pics of the titillating table soccer shoot between Dimitar Berbatov and make-up artist Silvia Stoichova. The couple played & posed for the Bulgarian magazine “For Him”. And luckily for the mag’s readers, Dimitar came out on top, meaning Silvia had to strip to her skivvies.

But even after the cameras were packed away, the games didn’t stop between the two:

Make-up artist Silvia told the News of the World how Berbatov bedded her after winning the sexy strip table football contest.

She said: β€œIt’s understandable. We were young, half naked β€” it is normal. Also, both of us were single. So nothing wrong happened. He beat me 10-nil, so I stayed naked.”

Strip foosball

Makes sense. Of course, if you hear how News of the World describes the action, such post-game promiscuity was inevitable:

But as he netted goal after goal, Silvia had to go much further, peeling off her blue crop top and torn jeans, getting down to a tiny G-string.

Then it was a clear case of handling as bare-chested Berbatov grabbed her bra and pulled her on top of the table before he fondling her boobs as she arched her back.

Wonder how many cold showers are installed in the Man U locker room?

Anyway, if Major League Soccer would attempt such publicity stunts like this, attention & attendance would certainly rise - among other things.

More NSFW images from NOTW can be seen here.

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