Soccer Player Banned For Taking Garlic

TAKING GARLIC LEADS TO SOCCER SUSPENSION IN JAPAN; PLAYERS SNEAKING SECRET PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PAPRIKA: A soccer player in Japan has been suspended by his league for using a banned susbtance. Was it steroids? HGH?

How about garlic?

Needle Syringe Garlic

According to the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, Kazuki Ganaha was taking the stinking herb to help battle his flu. However, instead of just chowing down, he took it intravenously.

Ganaha was punished for using an IV drip (which is against the league’s anti-doping policy), and not for taking garlic.

Or so says the commissioner:


But just to play it safe, Barry Bonds better stay away from the Gordon Biersch fries at Pac Bell Park.

Barry Bonds Garlic Fries

Sorry, SBC Park.

No, wait, AT&T Park.