Soccer Hooligan Scores Goal As Stadium Burns

Pssh, you call those “riots,” Los Angeles? If you’re not setting fires and fighting with police before you leave the arena, it’s not a real riot. Perhaps we’d be better as a nation at this if we paid more attention to soccer.

Soccer Riots

Romania, which knows a little something about riots, had their soccer final Saturday. While most fans of the losing side reacted with understated flares and attacks on police, one supporter of Timisoara actually took it upon himself to make a difference. He ran onto the field, apparently unnoticed by security, refs and players, and scored a goal for his team.

Video after the jump.

Timisoara was down 3-0 to eventual champs CFR Cluj in the waning moments of the game, when the hooligan made a beeline for the mouth of the goal and deflected a ball into the back of the net. The goal didn’t officially count, which is ridiculous, because a defender was just to the left of the keeper, so the fan was clearly onsides.

This is believed to be his first goal in national competition, but where was security while he celebrated by running back and forth in front of the goal? Oh, right, the 20 second mark of the video. Where the stands are engulfed in flames and fans are swinging metal poles at police.

Angelenos, this is how you register your strong feelings about the outcome of an ultimately meaningless sporting event. Not by looting a juice bar.