SoCal’s SbB Gig #117 honed in on the holiday…

SoCal’s SbB Gig #117 honed in on the holiday season.

A mighty mix of SbB veterans and rookies alike jammed The Bitter Redhead sports bar for Monday Night Football and another rousing round of SbB Trivia.

Following four preliminary rounds, the SbB finals included all-time SbB Champion Nick Mitchell, three-time titleist Pure Profit, SbB supporter Mo and newcomer Michelle - who survived an all-girl round. Longtime SbB loyalist Pure Profit eventually prevailed.

And perhaps the highlight of the evening was the much-anticipated return of SbB Girl Andie, who was also joined by SbB Girl Leah.

Special thanks to Philips, Best Buy, Stella Artois, Pepsi and Apple Computer’s iPod. Also thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt and Craig and Leeann at The Bitter Redhead.

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