So, Wanna Watch John Daly’s Stem Cell Surgery?

John Daly’s a weird cat. It’s pretty obvious that - well, if lonely’s not the right word, he’s definitely still seeking an emotional connection with the world, one that he’s probably not satisfied yet. His song about his dad pulling a gun on him on the 4th of July? That wasn’t really a cry for help, per se, but he was definitely trying to lighten its weight on his emotions by sharing with the world, even if said world didn’t really ask for that much information. It’s therapeutic.

John Daly Topless Chick
(This is actually a very pertinent picture. We swear it is.)

Plus, it’s not like he’s only sharing the worst aspects of his life - it’s just that many aspects of his life just so happen to be lousy at times. But he shares all the same, including his recent surgery for another torn cartilage in his rib. Want to know more? Want to watch? Yes, sit right there, he’s going to show you how these stem cells work. No, no, don’t leave, you’ll want to watch this, trust him.

Per Daly’s TWITTER feed:

had another reccurance with my rib again—had stem cell surgery on Friday–not sure where this puts me but will see Dr. nx wk after holiday

Same injury–Same Rib as when the lady flashed the camera during Thursday’s Round at the Honda in 2007–Same Tear!

See! Told you that picture was important! Okay, back to Daly.

I’ll try to upload the procedure this week my gf filmed it — the medical procedure is unbelievable

Yes, you can watch John Daly’s girthsome torso split open and doctors pour stem cells in, and the stem cells glow this bright green, and…

…okay, we actually know nothing about how stem cell surgery works. So we checked WIKIPEDIA - always a good move to look at something that literally anybody can change, like an encyclopedia written in pencil - and while there appears to be plenty of different treatments and procedures that stem cells can play a part in, we don’t exactly see “torn cartilage in rib cage” in there among the cancer and severe spinal cord injuries and Crohn’s Disease.

So who knows? Maybe it’ll be interesting. Maybe the stem cells will glow bright radioactive green like our imagination told us [they don’t. you need to stop watching so many cartoons.–ed]. Hey, maybe it’ll even look exactly like when Christopher Reeve was a South Park character and he was using stem cells and…

Christopher Reeve South Park Stem Cells

Oh, actually, we don’t want that at all. Never mind.