So Wait, Michael Beasley Was Already In Rehab?

Okay, let’s back the truck up on this one. The whole Michael Beasley saga, the one that started with an unfortunate picture of tattoos and apparently marijuana, then ended with him in rehab on account of depressed Tweets, is a little bit different than what has been initially reported.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

It makes sense, since we interpreted Beasley’s last correspondences as more “poorly worded exasperation” than “suicidal ideations” (and trust that we know the seriousness of the latter). And as it turns out, Beasley was announced to be in rehab this weekend because that’s where he was already supposed to be - not necessarily because he was smoking.

TRUEHOOP has the breakdown of the, um, breakdown:

What happened in recent days — and what triggered Monday’s report — was not Beasley’s admission to the program, sources say, but a change in his status from outpatient to inpatient as a result of Beasley’s breaking one of the program’s rules.

This changes the story in various ways, for instance by diminishing the possibility that Beasley came forward seeking help, and by clarifying that the treatment is to address the mandates of the collective bargaining agreement, rather than the concerns of Beasley or others.

Now, it’s worth reiterating that he wasn’t necessarily supposed to be traveling to Houston and checking in regardless of the events of last week. He’s there because he broke a rule when he had no leeway to do so; we’re just not clear what that rule was (and perhaps that’s for the best).

Still, Beasley’s in trouble for smoking weed, and it doesn’t look like that pattern’s been broken yet. As Henry Abbott explains, as of right now Beasley’s not in compliance with the CBA, which means he’s got work to do until he can play ball again. Otherwise, he’s potentially missing out on his salary, $5,000 per day at a time.

Even so, Abbott says that all the rumors say the same thing, that he had in fact stopped smoking recently. So that necessarily leaves only three options for the truth. Let’s see which you believe the most.

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