So Now You Can’t Use A Catheter In A Marathon?

What is this, Russia? Who else but a man named Jerry Johncock would be entwined in a controversy over using a catheter to help him pee during the Twin Cities Marathon? Race officials may strip him of his win in the men’s 80-84 age division after a “good samaratian” supplied him with a catheter so that he could finish the race.

(He should keep the medal just for inserting that thing)

Apparently in Minnesota there are people who watch the elderly run marathons and just happen to be in possession of spare catheters, which I think is fantastic. You know, if NASCAR allows pit stops, where all manner of tools are used, why not this?


A good Samaritan’s spare catheter at about Mile 21 of Sunday’s Twin Cities Marathon “was just a gift from the lord,” said Johncock, 81, who lives in the tiny southwestern Michigan town of Gun Lake.

However, marathon race officials are consulting with the USA Track and Field, the national governing body, to determine whether Johncock violated the rules when he received the informal assistance on the way to winning his age division.

“We are going to resolve this as quickly as we can,” said marathon executive director Virginia Brophy Achman, who added that the winner is in line to receive $225. “We’re hopeful for today.”

Johncock has a blood clot that would not allow him to urinate, so he went to mechanical means to finish the race. But race officials said he should have dropped out and been taken to the hospital.