So Maple Syrup Isn’t The Main Drug In Vermont?

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to show up to a meeting at a police station drunk, especially when you drove yourself. But when you show up drunk to a meeting to work out the details of you becoming an informant - when you are already on probation for a drug case - that’s really, really stupid.

Ben Brooks

But that’s exactly what Ben Brooks did. Now the BURLINGTON FREE PRESS reports that the former Vermont prep basketball stand-out has been sentenced to between nine to 42 months in prison. Dick Vitale would say that this kid is a Diaper Dandy when it comes to screwing up his life royally.

Brooks was first arrested in September 2007 after his family found mounds of drugs in his room. For that, he received a nine-month deferred sentence, which would be wiped off his record if he stayed clean.

Amazingly, he was allowed to play basketball his senior season because his conviction technically did not violate his high school’s policies. I’m sure the fact that he was a first-team all-state selection his junior year didn’t help either.

So what did Brooks do with that second chance? He got a job to earn a little spending cash. Unfortunately, it was less “delivering pizzas” and more “selling cocaine.” Add showing up drunk to a meeting where he was going to offer himself as an informant to the police, and you’ve got yourself a dime bag worth of fun and excitement.

Too bad Jerry Tarkanian isn’t coaching any more. This is just the type of kid who I’m sure would thrive under his kind, caring guidance.