So, Is Alex Rodriguez Taking a Dip In The Hudson?

I have sad news: Your oversized Madonna photos are officially obsolete (”Why?!” *sobbing*). But cheer up, Yankee haters, and get to work on those Kate Hudson masks, pronto. America’s favorite steroid abuser has been seen canoodling with the engine that drove “You, Me and Dupree” for the past couple of weeks, but now it’s more or less official. They’re a couple.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson

Say want you want about Rodriguez, but it takes a brave man to invite both the taunts of Yankee opponents and the terrible wrath of Madonna. One can only assume that he saw “Bride Wars” and determined Kate was the more imminent threat.

Insiders claim the couple is taking steps towards making its romance public, and Hudson has even introduced A-Rod to her 5-year-old son, Ryder.

A source tells People magazine, “It’s somewhat serious. He introduced her to a bunch of his friends.”

Just who are these enigmatic “insiders”? And is there ever confusion when Hudson takes her son along to reserve a rental truck? The answers are shrouded in mystery.

Meanwhile, Derek Jeter says that he’s not engaged to actress Minka Kelly, or anyone else. Actual Jeter quote in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “The what? Engagement rumors with who?”Now there’s a confused individual.

Of course the match we’d all like to see is Rodriguez and Kate Gosselin. “I said drape the streamers, you idiot!” That could go pay-per-view.

Even though the Yankees are 18-7 since he was activated, Rodriguez was booed lustily during New York’s loss to the Rangers on Wednesday, where Our Hero went 1-for-4, with two strikeouts and 5 LOB. He’s hitting .250, which is still a lot better than Owen Wilson ever did.