Snuggies Soon Coming Out With College Version

I bet you’ve seen those commercials for the Snuggie - it’s a blanket with sleeves! What a clever ‘n’ comfy idea! It’s the greatest invention to hit the airwaves since the ShamWow!

Collegiate Snuggie

(Now that’s a lucky guy - ’cause he’s all wrapped up in a Snuggie!)

But the real mark of merchandise greatness is whether you can slap a collegiate logo on it and sell it to some alumni with cash to burn. Now you shivering sports fans won’t have much longer to wait - the Snuggie will soon be showing some school pride!

Darren Rovell of CNBC reports that All-Star Marketing, the folks behind the Snuggie’s success, will be coming out this fall with new blankies baring the names & logos of some of your favorite big-time schools. Now college students can roll right out their dorm beds and straight to the football stadium - without having to change any clothes at all!

The school-stained Snuggies are sure to be a big seller on campuses in colder climates. So I expect sales to be brisk in the Big Ten while suffering a bit in the SEC.

Then again, any Snuggie-secured coeds who venture out to their local bars & have one too many might be talked into starting a new craze - wet blanket contests.