Snowboard Champ Sells Out Lohan For $120-Large

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports on the breakup of Lindsay Lohan and someone named Riley Giles, who is apparently a “snowboarding champ”. (Snowboarder, yes. Champ of any import? no.)

Lindsay Lohan Riley Giles

The pair met in rehab (of course) last fall and during the relationship “refused to sign a “no-kiss-’n'-tell agreement” while dating the actress he met in rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Utah in early fall.”

While Lohan was in detox, she consulted Giles on a journal she was keeping, with plans to publish it in the future (what a spectacular read that’d be!). After Lohan threw their hookup down the stairs, Giles then “sold his story about his relationship with Lohan to a tabloid, News of the World, reportedly for $120,000.

Lindsay Lohan

Giles’ story was headlined in NEWS OF THE WORLD with: “Lindsay quit coke & got hooked on sex with me.”

Lohan’s ever-doting parents, Dina and Michael, then “reamed” him in a later phone conversation, which probably had the same impact as Dave Campo cursing out Quincy Carter over his substance-abuse issues (forgot about that already?).