Snoop Brings His Footbizzle Fo’ Shizzle to Phoenix

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC hikes news that Snoop Dogg will be bringing his pygmy pigskin squad to the Valley of the Sun, as the Doggfather will be holding his annual Snoop Bowl in suburban Phoenix.

Snoop Dogg All-Stars youth football

The Knute Rockne of Rap will be leading his chronic collection of California kids - the Snoog Dogg All-Stars - against a team of Arizona players. The game will take place the day before Super Bowl XLII gets going in Glendale. Kickoff of Snoop Bowl VI is scheduled for 1 p.m. at Chandler’s Hamilton High.

Because where else is Snoop going to hold the game besides a high school field? Best of all, tickets are still available.

But wait - there’s more!

Matt Leinart

For a little more local flavor, Matt Leinart is expected to be in attendance at the Dogg’s bowl, with part of the game’s proceeds going to his Matt Leinart Foundation. It’s perfect timing, since Matt’s usually done with his football work by February, anyway.