Snoop Dogg, Les Miles Best of Buds Fo’ Shizzle

I thought Snoop Dogg and David Beckham kicking it together was weird. But after watching the post-jump video in which Les Miles is “humpin’ and scrumpin’” and “all over the glass” a few times, I’m not even sure what I think anymore.

Snoop Dogg and Les Miles

Of course, when FRIENDS OF THE PROGRAM rolled up the news that Snoop appeared at a Rotary Club meeting with Les Miles while wearing an LSU jersey, I kind of figured we were already a few miles into bat country.

But why, you might ask, is Snoop an LSU fan? Miles is, after all, not one to pull punches on friends turned enemies. Hey, look! The news is here to explain!

(I highly recommend you watch the whole thing but the introduction at 40 seconds in of “Mr. Dogg” is pretty priceless.)

And in case you’re too lazy to actually watch (or don’t have headphones or speakers at work), Snoop-a-loop was in town for a concert the night before and he and Les are apparently BFF’s — Miles can sing Snoop lyrics! Which is waaaaaay beyond awkward. And awesome. And just weird. Man, he’s so much cooler than Tom O’Brien.