Snoop Dogg And David Beckham Becoming Best Buddies

MAN’S BEST FRIEND - SNOOP DOGG & BECKHAM BUDDIES: Snoop Dogg and David Beckham are becoming best buds:

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ROLLING STONE lights up the news that the million-dollar rapper and the L.A. Galaxy star are on the fast track to a fulfilling friendship.Beckham has even taught Snoop’s kids proper techniques of soccer. Maybe Snoop can return the favor, and teach David the proper techniques of roach clips.

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Tha Doggfather has barked out ideas of he & Becks working together on various projects from fashion lines to films.GIGWISE gets the 411 from Snoop himself: “No one would have thought me and my boy David would have anything in common – we come from separate worlds. But he has the dollars at his disposal and we’re talking about putting our money together to do a movie. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Bend It Like Beckham Soul Plane

“Bend It Like Beckham On A Soul Plane” does have a nice ring to it.Sounds like Becks & Snoop are having a jolly ol’ time. But what about all the plane-flying and car-racing Tom Cruise wants to do?

Tom Cruise couch bobblehead

Are there enough seats in the Cessna for all three to fit? Will Tommy be weirded out by Snoop’s odd behavior, and vice versa?Stay tuned.