Sneak Video: Michelle Beadle Super Bowl Spots

Beadle slayed L.A. for a day last week, shooting Super Bowl ad goofs to be aired on ESPN’s SportsNation this week.

Michelle Beadle Super Bowl Parody Ads Credit ESPN SportsNation

(See Video (Below) Before It Airs On ESPN SportsNation This Week)

This is the first anyone - outside a Bristol editing booth - has seen the finished product, including Beadle herself.

Having just descended on DFW Sunday night for the The Bowl, Michelle was also kind enough to hold off a run to Whataburger to take us inside the actor’s studio.

Beadle via txt:

“Just got to Dallas! .. It’s amazing what two seconds of acting class can get ya! What I can possibly say about that video other than I deserve millions!

“It was so much fun and it was as close to being Betty White (an idol for women everywhere) as I’ll ever get.

“And yes, I did chug that entire bottle of soda in one take.”

Now, if y’all are nice you might just get some outtakes.

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