Blog-Some: Smush Parker’s Hands-On Approach

• YOU BEEN BLINDED grabs this clip of Smush Parker getting a good grip on a titilating situation.

• SNOTR.COM finds footage of a female weightlifter hoisting up her load at break-neck speed.

• 100% INJURY RATE was close to being a bomb Dodger, as L.A.’s Chan Ho Park almost started World War III.

• LAIST agrees that UCLA are Pac-10 champs both on the court and along the cheerleading baselines.

UCLA Cheerleaders

• With more fan photos popping up online, BUSTED COVERAGE believes Tim Tebow is turning into the male Erin Andrews.

• The matches are fake, but the pain is real: ON 205TH breaks a leg, as they count out their choices of top 10 gruesome wrestling injuries.

• CELEBRITY MOUND chows down on news that since she’s already landed Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen can start letting herself go, as she finished a recent dinner with - *gasp!* - two desserts!

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

• PHILLYBURBS.COM (via THE 700 LEVEL) is looking for a Soulmate, so they ask their Philadelphia arena football team’s cheerleaders.

• KCNC-TV in Denver wishes these two Colorado football players would save their aggression for Folsom Field.