Slice KO’d In 14 Seconds By Replacement Fighter

The sun has set on Kimbo Slice’s MMA career after his performance in Sunrise, FL. tonight.

Seth Petruzelli, Kimbo Slice, Slice Knocked Out

The notorious Miami street brawler was knocked out in a mere 14 seconds by last-minute replacement opponent Seth Petruzelli, causing AOL FANHOUSE’s MDS to call Slice (not his real name) the “ultimate fraud.

Petruzelli, who weighed 30 pounds less than Slice entering the fight, was called upon after previously-scheduled opponent Ken Shamrock sustained a serious head gash during training Friday night.

That said, the change in opponents obviously was of major concern to Slice’s camp, who actually demanded more money to take on Petruzelli than the original payout for the Shamrock bout.

So how did Gina Carano do on the same card? And what was Dana White’s reax to Slice getting diced?

Our favorite nude MMAer, Ms. Carano, won an unanimous decision over Kelly Kobald.

Gina Carano

As for White’s response to Slice’s loss - three words: “Kimbo Slice sucks.