Redskin Says Ex-Teammate Taylor “Hates Money”

Professional athletes make a lot of money. Like, tons of it. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Jason Taylor has turned down $500,000 just to work out with the Redskins. Not only that, but rejecting the workout bonus led to the team releasing him, which will cost him another $9 million.

Jason Taylor

(Cooley: Taylor Turned Down $13,000 Per Day Just To Work Out!)

As Redskins blogger/tight end Chris Cooley figures it, Taylor would have been paid $13,000 per workout if he had agreed to the deal. And that would be literally just to show up at the gym and lift some weights and stuff. Which is pretty infuriating for those of us who, you know, pay to go to the gym. Cooley goes as far as to say that “JT hates money.”

Cooley’s blog is always entertaining, but he really gets after Taylor over this. Cooley himself has a workout bonus in his contract, which he failed to collect last year because he was getting married and involved in some other things. Taylor, however, would have only needed to show up for about 3 hours a day on 75% of the scheduled workout days to collect his half mil:

For JT to reach his 75 percent requirement of the deal would have had to be hear (sic) for 39 days. Had he arrived and worked for the 39 days he would have been compensated $12,820 per day. That is unreal to me! Most people pay their own money to go to the gym, but almost 13 thousand dollars a day is a pretty good membership in the other direction. Again, I will not judge this decision and I have no idea what his bank account could possibly be, but that’s a s*** ton of money. As for my end of the off season, I will be required to make 42 days to reach my bonus. I again would receive a check grossing $100,000. This would pay me $2300 per workout. Still pretty awesome and enough to get me into the gym.

Cooley then goes on to say that he “would play in Russia” for $10 million, which is about what Taylor is passing up to stay with his family in Miami rather than join the Redskins.

Yesterday, Cooley made the case that huge salaries for athletes are actually what our economy needs, because (in addition to paying nearly half their income to taxes) athletes tend not to hold on to their money:

That being said, don’t think for a second that taxes or the poor economy is causing football players to sit on the rest of their money. They’re spending it! Cars, houses, clothes, food, women, jewelry and all of it at a rapid pace. This isn’t just a guess, this information comes from five years of watching how lavishly players live and how much guys spend, myself included. Normally this spending pattern isn’t condoned and by no means does it excite someone who has a hard time putting food on the table, but right now rich people spending an ass load of money is a big part of what our economy needs.

I think he might be on to something. Too bad Jason Taylor is passing up the opportunity to help our economy.