12-Yr-Old Girl Banned From Boys’ Hoops League

There’s a twelve-year old girl in Oregon that’s already received a full scholarship offer to play basketball at Oregon State.

Jaime Nared girls basketball

For a year, Jaime Nared played basketball with the boys in her age group. And then she was kicked off the team.


Her coach said the other players’ parents were fine when Jaime joining the team until she outshone their sons on the court.

“They were great … until she blocked the first shot. Then they were like, ‘Hey, we don’t want this big kid coming out and making us look bad,’” said Michael Abraham, Jaime’s coach.

After parents complained, The Hoop, a private league that organizes the games, told Jaime she could no longer play with the boys, citing a rule that bars mixed-gender teams.

The ruling upset enough people that Nared’s teammates actually wrote letters to the league asking her to be reinstated. The Hoop has held firm in their decision.

I hate parents, especially when they try to get involved in every aspect of their childrens’ lives. Who cares if your kid got beat by a girl? You’ll be working for a girl 20 years from now, so get over it, Billy. You suck at basketball, anyway. It’s best you learn that now while you have a chance to master long division.