Sisters Apparently Have A Thing For NBA Players

There are four pairs of siblings playing in the NBA. The Collinses, The Gasols, The Grahams, and of course, the Lopez sisters. They could soon be joined by a fourth: Jason Smith and Nene. A-whuh?!

Nene and Lauren Prothe

Many parents push their kids into becoming professional athletes. The Prothe family of Fort Collins, Colo., apparently pushes their girls into dating them. And with Lauren Prothe set to wed Nene this weekend, and Ashley Prothe living with her boyfriend Smith, they’re not too far off from being one big, happy, tall family.

Nene and Lauren Prothe seem like the perfect match. Both are ridiculously tall (she played volleyball in high school with Nene’s agent’s wife). Both are bilingual (their dogs at home respond to Portuguese commands). The only problem is, what do you change your name to when you marry a man with only one name?

“I have no idea?” Smith said with a smile. “I don’t know what they’re going to do about that.”

Smith, the 76ers sophomore forward, met Ashley Prothe in the freshmen dorms at Colorado State.

“They lived in the same hallway,” [mother] Carla Prothe said. “She had the Xbox. So they became fast friends.”

They’ve been dating for five years (I guess we’re ignoring that alleged makeout session with a porn star), but no plans yet to go the marriage route. Interestingly, Nene didn’t choose Valentine’s Day to get married because it’s romantic; he chose it because it’s in the middle of his only three-day break of the season.

It’s somewhat refreshing to see a couple of WAGs without trashy bikini pics floating around the internet. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure we’ll have someone with gigantic cans up within a couple hours.