Sir Blog-A-Lot: Dick J. Harrasses Female Blogger

Stephanie Stradley knows more about the Texans than most anyone I know. Including Richard Justice (obviously) and perhaps he’s jealous. Via FANHOUSE and Steph’s first-hand account, we find out that Justice has been referring to her — a blogger, no less! — on his radio show as a “Fatal Attraction” like stalker. Way to be, Dick.

Richard Justice

MMA Mania tells us that Jon Koppenhaver will NOT lose his nickname: SO 6 weeks ago I filed a change of name request and today I had court to make my name officially WAR MACHINE. lol. F*ckin’ funny right? Didn’t really wanna have to do it but I am sure as hell not lose MY nickname.”

THE DAILY NEWS passes down the word that Patrick Ewing, Junya, will be the newest member of the Knicks. Aw, just like Dad. Now if he can fail to win anything meaningful, have his knees collapse and end up gawking at cheerleaders coaching, we can use the phrase “full circle”. Fun times.

MISTER MITTENS gloveslaps any Giants fans who think that David Carr is going to perform like this during the regular season. (Shameless, I know.)

DON CHAVEZ drives us towards some ridiculous pictures of America’s best tailgating vehicles. Originally I was going to paint “BRAHSOME” on both sides of my car for NC State games. Then the sherm wore off.

HOT CLICKS by JIMMY TRAINA assaults the Youtubery for a video of Jose Guillen going after a fan. And hell yes I just link dumped a link dump. So meta.

TRUEHOOP lets us know that your new Republican Vice Presidential Candidate is actually Sarah Barracuda.

People care about Barack Obama. No, really. They do. A little too much. Fortunately, SPORTS CRACKLE POP! has visual evidence proving that ESPN’s Shelly Smith is just faking it.