Singleton to Mumble Through Baseball Tonight

In a classic burying of the lede, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Teddy Greenstein reported Tuesday that former WGN analyst, Cy Young winner, and White Sock Steve Stone would take on the analyst role for the local White Sox radio broadcasts because former White Sock and noted… former White Sock Chris Singleton is moving from the radio booth to BASEBALL TONIGHT.

Chris Singleton in the wild

(Talk about your reaches)

ESPN continues to pile up ex-players, bringing the current count of former cup-wearing personalities to eight. This surely solidifies their position as the Worldwide Leader in stacking former major leaguers like cordwood behind the studio facade.

Singeton’s two-year run as the color commentator on White Sox radio broadcasts were punctuated by his awkward repartée with his co-host, Ed Farmer, and limited ability to add useful information to each game.

Singleton also suffered from comparisons to Farmer’s previous partner, John Rooney. That pairing was one of the best in baseball and only separated when Rooney wouldn’t stop offering constructive criticism about White Sox players and staff.

Considering Stone’s controversial statements in the past, he seems a poor replacement for the White Sox broadcasts. True, his wide breadth of knowledge has often had him on the courtesy list for general manager openings. Also, his years of work with a late-career Harry Caray make him both beloved and battle-tested.

So why isn’t Steve Stone, noted ex-player, reporting for ESPN on Baseball Tonight and Chris Singleton out in the radio sticks again? Maybe Steve Phillips doesn’t want his fake press conferences interrupted by someone that might know the answers.