Singapore Turns The Tide w/Floating Soccer Field

I’m dreaming of a place. A place where the beer flows like wine, and the women are quite often used in horribly degrading, morally reprehensible sex slave scams. A place where money is no object, and they build buildings not out of need, but because they have better to spend their money on. I’m dreaming of a little place called … no, not Dubai. Close - Singapore.

Yes, Singapore - where soccer is apparently not entertaining enough on ground. It must be done floating in the middle of a harbor, on a buoyant field of green grass.


The floating stadium is currently carrying the title of ‘the world’s largest’ and, although the 30′000 capacity seating area is housed on land, the ‘pitch’ itself does in fact sit on the water whilst being sturdy enough to bear the weight of 9′000 people and 3 much-needed military tanks before starting to sink, a fact which itself is surely an excellent deterrent to any would-be pitch invaders. The stage, which took 13 months to build, consists of 15 smaller pontoons so as to enable the platform’s shape to be reconfigured depending on the event to be held.

Unfortunately for the floating pitch — called Marina Bay — it won’t last for more than a few years. After that, Singapore’s National Stadium will be built, and the bay pitch will no longer be needed. Yes, Singapore is building another, bigger soccer stadium. Apparently, having the coolest one in the world doesn’t do anything for them.

Which begs the question: Seriously, how much money does Singapore have?