Simmons Slips Sly Reilly Rip Past ESPN Editors

Fun read by’s Bill Simmons about the Tiger Woods speech on Friday. There’s some good stuff in there, but one particular graf towered over the rest of the piece - at least for me.

Bill Simmons roasts Rick Reilly over Tiger speech reax

Three grafs down, Simmons writes:

But listening to talking heads praise that ludicrous speech pushed me over the edge. Someone actually said, “It came from the heart.” It did? Was it C3PO’s heart? I thought it seemed like an automated response from Microsoft’s new “Cheater’s Confession” program.

Either that passage is more coincidental than a Mark Geragos-led murder trial defense, or Simmons was referring to his ESPN colleague Rick Reilly.

Before Simmons wrote his column, here’s the first thing Rick Reilly said on ESPN of the Tiger speech:

“I thought it was excellent, I thought it was really from the heart.”

That was perhaps a generic enough comment for Simmons to get away with his Dusty Rhodes-inspired, open-handed slap of Reilly. Though this stupefying Reilly tripe must have been tempting too:

“For an athlete to riff like that for 13 minutes, I thought he was very impressive. He gave me chills.

Let’s hope for Reilly’s sake that was the Flomax side effects kicking in.

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