Revealed! Crosby Much Prefers “Air Fluff” Cycle

Poor museums. They have to grit their teeth and pretend Titanic and Star Wars are real reasons to have museum tours because they help pay the bills while actual museum work occurs behind the scenes or in little-visited sideshows. And if you’re not in a major metropolitan area with corporate and private money to support you… well, vaya con Dios, friend.

Sidney Crosby Clothes Dryer As A Kid

Therefore, we understand building the first official shrine to Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguin and cult figure, at such a young age in the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame. Still, do we need a place to congregate and kneel in front of “memorabilia from his childhood, the famous dryer and a visual presentation of his first 20 years”?The answer, obviously, is yes.

Yes, those of you that only attend Church of Crosby ceremonies twice a year (opening of training camp and the Penguins’ inevitable outing from the playoffs) may have missed the Tale of the Dryer. Apparently, this dryer received Crosby’s abuse before NHL goalies. (That or Jason Kidd used it for cookie-tossing practice.)

And, for Crosby’s sake, don’t open the dryer or… you know.

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