Sidney Crosby Is Not Selling You Encyclopedias

When it comes to surprises at your front door, Sidney Crosby showing up with your Pittsburgh Penguins season tickets is pretty good. Not Ed McMahon showing up with a Publisher’s Clearinghouse Check for one million dollars good. More like the pizza you ordered getting there 15 minutes early, AND they screwed up and made it large instead of medium.

Sidney Crosby

That’s what THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Crosby, coach Michel Therrien and eight other players did on Wednesday as they went door-to-door delivering season tickets to 35 randomly chosen fans. It seems like a great publicity stunt, but knowing the financial peril the Penguins have recently been in, I think it’s more likely that this was a cost-cutting measure by the Penguins, cheaper than UPS.

“Hey Sidney…do you mind running a couple of errands on the way back from practice? Nothing big, just dropping off some season tickets for fans, maybe take the practice uniforms to the laundromat? We know how much you love laundry!”

But it’s not like Crosby had anything better to do, like, you know…look for a place to live or something. That’s because Crosby tells the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE that he’s going to be crashing at owner Mario Lemieux’s house again this season. Which I’m sure Mrs. Lemieux is just thrilled about. It’s like a bad sitcom, but only it’s about the NHL so it will get even worse ratings than The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer.

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