Sick Kid’s Wheelchair Gets Swiped At Twins Game

Last Tuesday night marked the end of an era for Minnesota Twins fans, an era when they were allowed to make fun of their rival Chicago White Sox for the brutality and white trash nature of some of their fans (we’re looking at you, William Ligue, Jr.). You see, the reason it must come to an end is because that night, a Twins fan stole a sick kid’s wheelchair!

Surveillance video of Twins wheelchair theft

(Surveillance video moments before the wheelchair was stolen)

KARE 11 NEWS reports that during Tuesday night’s game against the Sox (come to think of it, maybe it was a White Sox fan after all), 17-year-old Sam Dougherty, who suffers from a neuro-muscular disorder, left his electric wheelchair on the concourse to watch the game from his family’s seats below, as they usually do.

But when they came back after the game, a 6-5 Twins win, the wheelchair was gone.

We’ll let KARE 11 take it from here:

After the game and at the top of the staircase, the wheelchair specifically designed for Sam was indeed gone.

It had not been moved by Twins or Metrodome staff, but had instead been swiped by a thief.

In fact, a Metrodome security camera caught an image of a man driving Sam’s wheelchair out Gate F. It happened in the 7th inning.

“I would like to think they had a good reason for doing it, like maybe they had a family member who needed it or they thought they could sell it for some money or something,” says Sam.

Sam wants his chair returned. It’s something he relies on.

And he hopes the only stealing he sees at his next Twins game is on the field.

“It helps me get places. I have much more freedom with it. I can do things with my friends a lot easier,” says Sam. “Just no hard feelings. Just bring it back.”

While we’re sure it’s just a matter of time before the wheelchair is returned (police have surveillance footage, after all) we’re going to narrow down the search to one person: Twins player Alexi Casilla. Known for his base thievery, Casilla has been suspiciously “put on the DL” recently with a “torn tendon in his hand“.

Could it be that he tore it while gallivanting around the Twin Cities in his brand new state-of-the-art wheelchair? Only time, and DNA evidence, will tell.