Sick Day: Artest Lecturing Kids On Mental Health

L.A.-area congresswoman Grace Napolitano is the sponsor of a federal bill (HR 2531) which aims to establish a law that “provides for comprehensive school mental health programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and age appropriate.

Ron Artest

(Of course he is)

Introduced well over a year ago, the bill hasn’t gotten much traction since being referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

That lack of political action apparently is what led to Ron Artest’s first post-championship endorsement deal. (Sorry Wheaties!)

Napolitano has reportedly called upon Artest to speak to children at an East L.A. school on Thursday to raise awareness about the federal legislation she’s sponsoring.

Artest will talk to the kids about his own struggle with mental issues and his willingness to not only seek treatment, but go public with that fact.

Protip: Napolitano might want to consult Artest on the text of his remarks before unleashing him on such young, impressionable minds.

Just a thought.