Blog-A-Roni: Letterman Reveals SI Swimsuit Cover

• THE FOOTIE finds footage of David Letterman revealing the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s 2008 swimsuit issue featuring Marisa Miller.

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated cover David Letterman

• INTENTIONAL FOUL comes across audio of John Rocker throwing Bud Selig under the bus.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE puts up their dukes, as they offer this indoor lacrosse fight.

• As if things weren’t crazy enough with Redskins, MJD of YAHOO SPORTS learns that Daniel Snyder is interested in acquiring Chad Johnson.

Daniel Snyder Chad Johnson

• THE PYRAMID OF EXCESS asks, quien es mas macho - Pat Summitt or Vivian Stringer?

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE looks back on the slamming glory that was the Jordan Jammer.

• Attention, unemployed Minnesotans! Looking to find work serving hot dogs at the Metrodome? Then RANDBALL has the video for you! (low audio):

• DEADSPIN wants to know if you approve of Jim Gray’s work.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC isn’t laughing about a threesome officials acting like the Three Stooges in not one, but two college games last night.