My Big Nut Bar? SI Swimsuit Models MAKE IT BIG

Couple days back I linked to’s Jeff Pearlman’s critique on the new SI Swimsuit Issue. He was a little taken aback by the sexualization of SI’s marketing of the annual issue.

SI Swimsuit Issue Planters Ad Big Nut Bar

Then today I saw this ad pop up on for Planters’ BIG NUT BAR.

Like I said in my earlier post about those SI marketing geniuses, I’m in awe how they can get huge brand advertisers to not only associate with borderline nude women, but to come up with those kind of sexually-tinged ad campaigns.

SI Swimsuit Issue Planters Ad Big Nut Bar

What I do find interesting though is there’s no mention of the SI Swimsuit Shoot Sweepstakes on Planters main website. Hmmm, wonder why?

Can a *softcore marketing for dummies* class at Univ of Phoenix be far behind? I’d be the first to register!