SI Columnist Criticizes NHL For Using Sex To Sell Tickets Same Week As SI Swimsuit Issue

SI COLUMNIST WRITES NHL SHOULDN’T SEX IT UP TO SELL TIX - ON SAME DAY THAT SI SWIMSUIT ISSUE RELEASED: The headline for columnist Steve Hofstetter latest piece is, “Desperate Kings Using Sex To Sell Tickets.

Sports Illustrated Uses Sex To Sell Issues

Hofstetter writes that the Kings have put up billboards around L.A.that simply say ‘Kings Hockey’ with a picture of an attractive blonde in a Kings uniform.

Hofstetter: “My point is not that hot blondes are bad. They just shouldn’t embody Kings hockey.

Hofstetter’s commentary comes the same day that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED rolls out its quasi-porn swimsuit issue (and the accompanying tens of thousands of subscription cancellations).

Jenn Sterger Nude Playboy Photos

And one week after internet nudie model Jenn Sterger started her second official journalistic stint, which features her as a video reporter for Time, Inc., website.