Shula Not Sure on Parcells; Don’t Block Big Brown

Sasha Vujacic’s final shot gave grief to gamblers? You can bet on it!

Don Shula wonders if new Dolphins prez Bill Parcells is so good, why does he keep changing jobs?

Don Shula Bill Parcells

• Best not to block Big Brown during the Belmont, or his trainer’s gonna shoot somebody.

• A high school wrestling coach has been let go after his assistant was trying to suplex Muslim students into Christianity.

• Good to see Jenna Jameson staying in practice for her profession.

• A letter intercepted in jail may help solve the murder of Denver Bronco Darrent Williams.

Vince Young ain’t never said he’s quitting football.

• Here’s why Dick Schofield’s & Heathcliff Slocumb’s cards end in 69.

• Hit ‘em hard & low - football is a shrinking man’s game.

• A blast from the past features Red Auerbach fuming about floppers.

Carl Lewis & Mariah Carey must have attended the same baseball camp.

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