Showjumping’s Cheeky Move to Attract New Fans

The UK’s DAILY MAIL chronicles the efforts of the British Show Jumping Association to make the sport relevant again. “In a desperate attempt to update the stuffy image of showjumping, the sport’s bosses have persuaded two of the top young female riders to strip off for a photoshoot.

Showjumping Photoshoot1

Laura Renwick and Georgie Strutton have been called upon to carry the stuffy sport of showjumping on their backs and the rest of their bodies, which are on display in this photo shoot which features the two riders in “tight polo tops, knee-high black boots and not a lot else”:

Maria Clayton, the British Show Jumping Association’s head of communications, said: ‘People kept saying to me that to raise the profile of our sport to the level it was in the Seventies, I should showcase some of the girls who compete in it.

‘With Laura and Georgie we’ve done just that. Not only are they extremely beautiful but also exceptionally talented with both of them competing in Britain with considerable success.’

Sexy Showjumping 2

The photo shoot, which is displaying the exceptional talent of Laura and Georgie, is just one part of the sport’s transition. Here are some of the changes showjumping fans can expect: riders will enter the arena to their favorite music, dancers will entertain the crowds in between in competitions and gambling on the event will become a major feature.

It sounds a lot like every other sport’s marketing scheme to attract new fans - except 10 years too late.